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Paparazzi photographers for Liv Golf International

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Our Snaparazzi photographers are a bespoke act that you can hire for your corporate or private event. They specialise in making your guests feel welcome, special and glamourous.

We were asked by Liv golf to create an act for the launch of their International golfing tournament starting in Hemel Hempstead. Our gang of roaming golfer photographers amused the crowds that came out to watch the sport and enjoy the entertainments.

As seen below, we particularly enjoyed snapping the lesser known amateur golfers on the putting greens. As well as entertaining the audience, Liv Golf used our fake paparazzi hire pictures on social media and in press to promote the event.

Fake Paparazzi

Fake Event Paparazzi Golf event

Fake Event Paparazzi

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